Davidson County BJJ Homeschool Program

Davidson County BJJ Davidson County BJJ Homeschool Program


Educating your child is important, but so is offering meaningful social interaction, exercise, and the chance to engage with exciting new skills such as Jiu Jitsu. With our new Homeschool Program, our hope is to provide homeschooled children with a healthy and supportive social environment that meshes with their schedules, where they can exercise and play, and where they can learn important life skills such as setting and working towards goals.


For homeschoolers, the social aspect of activities is just as important as the physical aspect. For this reason, many parents automatically put their child in sports like soccer or basketball, without even giving Jiu Jitsu a chance. But just because BJJ is an individual sport doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require teamwork! BJJ constantly incorporates collaboration among students, pushing kids to develop important social skills. In addition, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a unique focus on personal responsibility. Your child will learn how to practice self-control, exhibit respect, and cheer on their classmates – all while never wasting a minute sitting on the bench.


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