Jeff Heisler

Jeff Heisler – Kid’s BJJ Instructor

Jeff is our Kids BJJ instructor.  He is a purple belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu under Chad Stevens and Professor Rubao Carioca. Coach Jeff will teach your child to use verbal assertiveness in deterring bullies and nonviolent self-defense techniques for self protection in the event of physical assault. Importantly, we don’t teach how to punch or kick in our Kids BJJ class, since this often does more harm than good. Instead, we use leverage-based control holds to neutralize threats without violence. Numerous school districts have embraced the defensive nature of the bully prevention techniques as a reasonable, nonviolent response to bullying. The bottom line is this: we will prepare your child to defend themselves against bullies without turning them into one. Jeff has a passion for coaching, boxing, bjj, fitness, and helping others. Jeff has been with Section 8 MMA from the first day. He is also the a licensed cornermen with the North Carolina Boxing Commision.


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