Class Information

Classes are held at our 5,000 sq ft gym

MMA and BJJ Membership

  • ALL Classes and gym equipment access are included in membership fee
  • All members are required to sign a one(1) year contract. After a member completes a full year, the contract will go month to month

Kids/Family Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Ages 7-13
  • The perfect tool to change your child’s life forever

The lessons learned both on and off the mat will instill in them a confidence and self belief that will continue with them throughout their lives. Our anti-bullying system has been reverse engineered to safely and effectively repel any aggressor, with truly phenomenal results. If you want to instill discipline, determination, leadership, commitment, responsibility, and good sportsmanship in your child while simultaneously giving them the confidence to navigate through life’s waters with ease, then this is the program for you.


***Ages 5-14 Practices include Strength and Conditioning and Fundamental Wrestling drills and techniques.All members are required to sign a six month contract. After a member completes, the contract will go month to month***

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